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Scooby Doo On Zombie Island - Scooby Doo Return To Zombie Island

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    • Animation
    • 157 min
    GET READY FOR FAR-OUT FUN IN Scooby-Doo's feature-length animated movie, Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island! Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, Velma, Daphne and Fred reunite to solve the most frightfully funny mystery of their careers. The scream team's headed to a haunted bayou island to investigate the ghost of Moonscar the Pirate. But it turns out the swashbuckler's spirit isn't the only creepy character on the island. The sleuths also meet up with cat creatures and zombies and it looks like for the first time in their lives these ghouls might actually be real. Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island is the most hilarious Scooby adventure of all time and dishes up equal portions of music, laughs, thrills and chills. The gang's trip to ZOMBIE ISLAND became one of the most popular of Scooby's feature-length adventures, and twenty years later led to a sequel! In Scooby-Doo! Return to Zombie Island, Scooby, Shaggy and the Mystery Inc. gang win a vacation of a lifetime at Monster Island Resort. Velma, Daphne and Fred can't help but notice how strangely familiar the surroundings are there. The gang soon finds that paradise has a price as they encounter an army of zombies and creepy cat people. Hop on board and travel with Scooby-Doo and the gang as they unearth the mystery of ZOMBIE ISLAND in this laugh-filled follow-up to the original classic.

    • UPC: 840418304594
    • Release: 2024-05-07
    • Content Provider: Warner Bros.
    • Runtime: 157
    • Genre: Animation
    • Language: English
    • Format:
    • Screen:
    • Aspect: 16x9 1.33:1 with side mattes/16x9 1.78:1
    • Rating: NOT RATED
    • Audio: DTS-MA HD 2.0/DTS-MA HD 5.1 SURROUND
    • Color/BW: COLOR
    • Special Features: Promotional trailers
    • Copyright: 1998 Hanna-Barbera; 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
    • Number of Discs: 1
    • Disc Format: Blu-Ray


    Scott Innes
    Billy West
    Mark Kay Bergman
    Frank Welker
    Matthew Lillard

    Written by:

    Jeremy Adams
    Davis Doi
    Glenn Leopold
    William Hanna

    Directed by:

    Jim Stenstrum
    Cecilia Aranovich
    Ethan Spaulding

    Produced by:

    Cosmo Anzilotti
    William Hanna
    Joseph Barbera
    Sam Register
    Rick Morales
    Amy McKenna